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Questions & Answers

Q. After getting my spray tan how long before I see results?

A. #1 reason why people get spray tanned is because you will see immediate instant results during your spray tan session. Instant tan color and bronzers appear literally instantly. Cosmetic bronzers are in our special spray tan formula to continue to develop, strengthen,extend tan life and darken your tan for up to the next 12 hours after your spray tan has been applied to give you the most vibrant natural looking deep tan. The cosmetic bronzers provide only temporary color while soaking into your pores and all excess bronzer will wash off in the first shower. The sunless tanning color that develops from the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in the formula takes about 2 to 4 hours to appear. For this reason, Tan Fx recommends OUR clients to wait at least 10-12 hours after our special tan solution application before they shower, bathe or exercise. This will allow the DHA to completely develop and settle to create a beautiful, natural-looking tan on the skin that will result in a longer-lasting tan.

Q. Is it safe for Pregnant Women to get Spray Tanned?

Yes. DHA has been approved for cosmetic use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Canadian Health Ministry and most of the EU member nations. It is also considered nontoxic and noncarcinogenic since the DHA percent is very little and only laying on the top most outer layers of your skin. There has been no proven evidence that spray tan solution have caused birth defects, however we make sure that proper ventilation is provided to pregnant women so they are not breathing in any fumes from the spray. DHA based Sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Organization, American Academy of Dermatology, Canadian Dermatology Association, The American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association. Tan Fx LLC Spray Tan Technicians and Artists are not medical professionals therefore if you have any questions or concerns about this or any other medical conditions you may have please contact your physician for further information upon receiving a spray tan containing DHA before scheduling to receive our services.

Q. Will the spray tan help cover up acne? What about scars?
A. Great question... YES & YES! The tan color automatically blends in blemishes and gives you a more improved look. However it is not a solution for acne problems, bad break outs, blemishes, skin rashes of any sort. Tan Fx LLC Spray Tan Technicians and Artists are not dermatologists and are not doctors so please seek skin help from your doctor or dermatologist for resolution if need be.
A.It does also help blend in small scars and even big ones that with color reduced it's appearance. Again spray tan is not a solution for scaring so please seek skin help from your doctor or dermatologist for resolution.

Q.Will the spray tan make me look skinnier?
A. Actually YES! It has been proven and testimonials of our clients and other spray tanners around the U.S. have shown that the spray tan color in the solution acts as a delusion and makes your body shape look up to 10 POUNDS THINNER!!! We also specialize in Body Contouring to shape and define your muscles in ab area, cheek bone structure and leg shape giving you a more sleeker, toned appearance making you not only look great but FEEL GREAT!

Q. Will the spray tan come off on my clothes?

A.  There is a chance that some of the cosmetic bronzer in the solution may rub off on clothing or bed sheets. This is most likely to happen when the customer dresses immediately after tanning, however to minimize the chance of the bronzer transferring to clothing, we provide a special drying service treatment during your session at no additional charge, therefore you are completely dry before you get dressed. In addition, wearing loose-fitting and darker clothing will minimize the transfer. The cosmetic bronzer is water-soluble. Therefore, in most cases, the transferred color will come out of clothing in the wash.

Q. How long does the spray tan session take?
A. As long as the client comes prepared to the spray tan session following our before care instructions told to you when booking the appointment and that will also always be found on the Before & After Care page on our website, then it typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the entire process to be complete for a new client. About 15 to 20 minutes for recurring clients that know the drill maybe even a bit shorter then that. The spray tan itself takes less then 5 minutes. We first take a few minutes to talk to our client and simply consult with you the procedure of the spray tan so you are aware. Then the next 5 minutes or less the DHA spray tan solution will be applied to your body. Next it takes 10 minutes to evenly blend in the color and to use our awesome dry technique while explaining after care procedures and secret tips of our trade.

Q. What do I wear during my spray tan session?

A. Many clients aren't sure what to wear or what they will feel comfortable wearing during their spray tan session. You have options to choose from depending on your comfort level. For our female clientele you have the choice of dark colored or old bathing suit/swim trunks, dark colored or old underwear (thong, full bottom) & bra set (strapless, straps, sports bra), topless or completely nude. For our male clientele we require you to wear any sort of bottom undergarment (boxer briefs, underwear, thong) due to our company privacy policy. Men, we do spray tan a lot of competition body building/fitness competitors do accommodate accordingly to get you full coverage and completely tanned as long as no private part is visible during your spray tan session. Keep in mind the less clothing the less tan lines. The choice is yours... some clients start off their first spray tan session wearing a full top & bottom bikini set/swim trunk suit until they feel more comfortable with their spray tan technician and each spray tan session after that may or may not decide to go less clothed to have less tan lines shown. We do not make any decisions for our clients on what to wear or tell them what they must wear that is 110% up to the client. You never have to step out of YOUR comfort zone and we understand and respect that completely.

Q. Where do you do the spray tan session? Will your equipment fit in my home? Do you need special power sources for your machine?
A. Since we are mobile we conveniently come to you! The spray tan session can take place anywhere you would like in your home, business place or any other location of choice. The technician will help you find the proper area at your location if you are uncertain. Preferably in a private area not by any windows or open spaces for your privacy. We perform the actual spray tan in a mobile pop up tan tent that is roomy in size, providing privacy during your tan session, keeping your home free of excess spray tan solution, not making you feel claustrophobic and allows a more comfortable client feeling. Some local spray tan companies spray tan their clients out in the open while unnoticed at the time, you the client can not see the excess spray solution leaving a stain on your walls, furniture, bed, blankets, carpet and floors staining the bottom of your feet and others bottoms of their feet in the household, therefore damaging your own personal property. Our spray tent allows the spray tan solution to remain trapped inside the tent area and filters through our extractor fan which then quickly sucks in that excess spray before it even hits the ground. Not to mention it eats up any spray fumes so that our client doesn't! Therefore no mess for you to clean up, just for us to pack up and take with us :)
A. All of our spray tan equipment is conveniently sized, easy to carry and mobile! It can fit into any car, home, gym, office space etc
A. No special power sources, extra outlets or extension cords are needed. We come prepared and only one or two standard outlets are needed.

Q. Will the spray tan affect the color of my nails or my nail polish?

A.  The solution will not discolor most nail polish colors. However, it may stain white or light color nail polish and the solution can cause unnatural coloration of cuticles and around nails. Therefore, we apply a Barrier Cream (at no cost to you) to nails and cuticles prior to a sunless spray application and have special hand techniques so that your nails are not even sprayed.

Q. Will the spray tan look orange in color?
A. Tanning formula and all of our tanning solutions we use have been specially formulated to produce a balanced tan WITHOUT an orange tint. The orange tint is often the result of a person's skin type or an inexperienced and unknowledgeable spray tan technicians applying excessive quantities of the DHA tanning agent to the skin. No worries here... our spray tan technicians and artists are certified, well trained, highly knowledgeable and will give you a great tan color!

Q. How many days will the spray tan last on my skin?
A.  The tan created by the DHA affects only the top layer of the skin and will begin to fade after about 7 days as the skin naturally begins to exfoliate. Some tan should remain on the skin for at least 7 to 14 days. To extend tanning results, make sure to hydrate your skin with a moisturizer and consider our recommended Sunless Tan Extender, which is a moisturizing lotion enriched with light bronzer that we do carry. Please visit our Before & After Care page on our website for more detailed information.

Q. I freckle in the sun. Will the spray tanning cause freckles?

A. No. In fact, in most cases, freckles will become less pronounced because the lighter skin or less pigmentation areas are darkened to help darken and blend skin color more evenly.

Q. Is sunless spray tanning safe?
A. YES. Spray tanning is UV free and promotes a cancer free way of tanning! This is one of the very reasons that the owner of Tan Fx founded in the company to promote healthy tanning. She like many people loved to tan however noticed tanning beds and long exposure to the sun were creating harmful damages to her skin but she loved the color! Therefore she decided to do something she loved while helping people just like herself in a positive healthy way! Although we do not condone UV tanning beds and long exposure to the sun you do have the right to any of those ways to create a tan and still get a spray tan over top of your color to enhance it. Just please remember it is not healthy and we would be more then happy to provide you with some informational website links that tell you all about it more in depth if you would like. Sunless tanning is a safe and proven method of obtaining a tan. Dihydroxyacetone has been FDA approved for use in the personal care industry for over twenty years. No adverse effects have been reported other than minor skin irritations on allergic people. Allergic reactions are extremely rare and can usually be eliminated by showering but must seek medical attention if reaction does not go away or gets worse. We provide you with a form to list any allergies you may have BEFORE we tan you so please make sure to carefully read our Consent Forms thoroughly, we are more then happy to do a patch test on you if you are still uncertain.

Q. Does the spray solution smell bad? Will I smell bad?

A. No, Tan Fx's spray tan formula solution actually smells really good and we always get compliments on sweet tropic aroma! No one has this solution in Ohio and we have tried a lot of solutions from all around the United States and have found nothing better yet!
A. You will not smell 'bad'
however DHA reacts chemically with the amino acids in a persons skin, which are part of the protein containing the keratin layer on the skin surface. Various amino acids react differently to DHA, producing different tones and smells on each individual.

Q. Will spray tan protect me from getting a sunburn?  
A.  No. When going into the sun at anytime with a spray tan or without a spray tan, it's still a good idea to wear sun protection.

Q. Will I spray tan evenly if I have hair on my legs/arms?                                                   
A. Yes, hair is not a problem at all! At the end of the tanning cycle you may notice droplets of solution on your hair, we will use our special techniques to lightly and carefully remove and blend this excess solution.

Q. What if I have a bald spot?                                                                                          
A. Just skip the shower cap. It is provided only for the purpose of keeping your hair dry. The solution will not do anything to your hair, but it is a good idea to tan your bald spot as well to be even all around.

Q. What if I have a very fair skin that has never been able to tan?
A. You are the reason why spray tanning was developed to begin with :) For people that could not tan by any other method! Most probably you will get a fantastic natural looking color with a spray tan! Of course, people that tan easily will tan too and we can specifically mix your own personal color to fit your skin color type and preference.

Q. Do I have to be 18 years of age?
A. No. In fact we spray tan people of ALL different ages; youth and the more mature crowd! However if you are under the age of 18 years old you will need a adult/parent consent form to be filled out and signed in front of a witnessed spray tan technician when we arrive before we can start your spray tan session. Spray tan/spray tan parties are very popular for people under 18 for Birthday Parties, Dances, Formals, Prom, Cheerleading Competitions and more!

Q. I am diabetic, is spray tanning safe for me?
A. DHA is a chemical derived from glycerin and was first used in the treatment for people with diabetes. Although studies say some diabetics are actually better able to tolerate DHA than glucose in their treatment, Tan Fx LLC Spray Tan Technicians and Artists are not medical professionals therefore if you have any questions or concerns about this or any other medical conditions you may have please contact your physician for further information upon receiving a spray tan containing DHA before scheduling to receive our services.

Q. Will a spray tan take to my skin type? Do you have different solution colors?
A. The spray tan solution takes to 'most' skin types. Depending on skin disorders and skin types such as overly porous dry skin may not take as well, however we work with you each session to overcome that obstacle to give you the best tan you can forever have. The solution does have natural oils and they act as a moisturizer to the skin so in most cases it will help your dry skin however dry skin or not we emphasize to moisturize your skin twice daily after your spray tan session keeping it hydrated explained on the Before & After Care page on our website for you to receive the best quality tan, color and longer-lasting tan life.
A. Yes Tan Fx does have different solution percentages aka tan solution colors to accommodate all different skin types and nationalities. No worries if you are unsure on the color preference, that's where our expertise opinion comes into play and we match a good color for your skin tone. There are many different ways of making a color a different tone by mixing percents, also depending on solution brands that we have (their base color) and we also can make a tan darker or lighter depending on the amount of spray coats you would like. We are specialized in Mixology, therefore once we find your perfect color you like we note your file for the next spray tan session you book with Tan Fx and mix the customized color designed specifically for YOU!

Q. How soon after the spray tan can I shower or bathe?
A. For at least 10-12 hours after your spray tan session. Anything less and you have a greater risk at streaking, fading, shorter tan life and uneven color. Prevent any type of activity that makes you sweat in that 10-12 hour time frame as well. Please visit the Before & After Care page on our website for more detailed information.

Q. Will spray tan cover up or harm my tattoos?

A. No. The spray tan solutions will not harm tattoos, but if you have yellow or light tones, it can temporarily darken the color a bit, until your tan fades. If you don’t want that to happen, just cover the tattoo lightly with moisturizer lotion before your tan session.

Q. Does Tan Fx give out any discounts, free tans or specials ever?
A. Yes we do! We offer many discounts, free tans, specials and member rewards (members receive cheaper spray tan rates and it's FREE to join) that start instantly! Please visit the Rates page and the Specials page on our website for more information.

Q. How often should I get spray tanned/touch ups?
A. Depending on your skin type and after care will tell both you and us how often you should receive your next spray tan. Commonly not needing your next spray tan for a two week period is generally the case, a lot of our clients like to get their spray tan on a weekly basis which at times depending on skin type/care may be needed or your personal preference. We do not spray tan a client more then one time in a one week time frame. Either way by complimenting the base coat applied during your first spray tan session by staying current on your spray tan on a regular schedule will result in a fresh look and naturally beautiful color.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Benefits of a Sunless Spray Tan
with Tan Fx

* Most important... It's SAFE... it's the safer alternative to traditional UV light tanning
* Instant colored tan
* Beautiful, natural looking, flawless tan
* It’s quick
* It's convenient, operating 7 days a week, special early & late appointment times available allowing tanners to tan at their convenience
* It's Affordable, Tan Fx LLC has the lowest rates around
* Makes you look 10 pounds thinner
* Makes your teeth look whiter
* Makes your eyes look whiter
* Covers acne, scars and blends in uneven skin tones/pigments to one even color better then professional make up can
* Reduces the appearance of stretch marks

* Our Tan Solution & Products are made mostly of Natural Organic Ingredients
* Don't have to go to a tanning booth every day for several days or even weeks to produce a tan
* Provides a smooth, golden tan without exposure to harmful UV radiation
* Allows a great instant tan color for special occasions
* Allows the tanning of specific regions and hard to tan areas
* Allows clients to feel more relaxed in comfort of own home
* Enjoy a luxury service on your lunch break in comfort of office/work place
* Compliments or darkens an existing tan
* Smooth, streak-free, even application and coverage unlike spray tan booths that are robotically ran not being able to spray every area     of your body leaving you with
an unnatural looking, streaky, blotchy, uneven and even orange colored result
* Tan fades naturally as the skin naturally exfoliates
* Great Smell and Non-Sticky
* No orange base color
* No red tanning burns just a simple color of your choice
* Member perks and rewards
* Helps self confidence, making you feel and look even more beautiful
* Spray tanning is what all the celebrities are now choosing to prevent aging, wrinkles, noticeable lines and damaging of their skin

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